Parking Inspectors Clean Up

IT is almost impossible to avoid a parking fine these days – dodgy meters, blood hound parking inspectors and the impossible task of keeping up with the latest tariff for parking in each particular zone.

It seems like the swarm of eager parking inspectors is growing exponentially each week as well; sort of like agent Smith in the Matrix Reloaded movie, they seem to be able to multiply rapidly. It makes me wonder what they’re actually up to.

I recently parked on James Street, in Burleigh Heads, and noticed two parking inspectors, one for each side of the street. They were zealously checking windscreens in hopes of finding a shopper who had absent-mindedly forgotten to top up their meter.


This annoyed me – surely there is something better they could be doing with my tax dollars!

I decided I needed to vent though when I ran across my third parking inspector; it was one street over, on Park Avenue.

Seriously, do we need three paid council workers doing the same job in a one-city-block area? No wonder every time I park in Burleigh I notice the parking tariff has increased again!

What better way to turn someone off one of the Gold Coast’s most eclectic boutique shopping and café precincts than to be rewarded with a fine when their takeaway latte makes them one minute late?

The tell-tale fluttering of that little white ticket against the windscreen asking you to cough up $60+ doesn’t just put you off your coffee, it puts you off the area all together.

The council must be cleaning up.

Speaking of cleaning up – on that same day, in that same place, I noticed rubbish in the gutters and empty beer bottles in one of the alleyways.

Now, if the council is going to pay for three people to canvas the streets at once, wouldn’t it be a better use of taxpayers’ money to have them tidying up the place as they go?

Wouldn’t it be nice if visitors to our area left impressed at how hard we work to keep it clean and safe, not how anal we are about seconds in time in a carpark?

Come on Council, the least you can do if you are cleaning up off our tardiness is pick up a paper or two off the street. Let’s work harder to make this area memorable for the right reasons: fun and festivities – not fluoro vests and fickle fines.

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