Parking, square pegs and football on the Gold Coast

STAY with me here, it’s all connected.

Gold Coast Titans fans have been copping it lately for not supporting their team at home games with the most recent one attracting only 6497 people.

It was the team’s fifth straight loss and 3000 fewer fans than their last worst crowd result.


League commentators are all aflutter alternatively blaming the neglectful fans for the team’s poor performance or the team for not engaging with their fans enough.

But I’ve got a hot tip for them.

The reason people don’t venture out with their kids on a Monday night in the middle of winter is, drum roll please, because there is no frigging parking.

Who wants to rush home from work, pick up the kids and then try to brave the Gold Coast’s crap public transport system to get to a game?

And then have to get home again.

Some have to travel further away from the stadium than they live to get a park n’ ride or catch multiple buses to get there.

It’s bloody ridiculous and I blame the know-it-all bureaucrats in Brisbane who are determined to mould the Gold Coast to their way of thinking.

The Gold Coast is a round peg they are trying to jam into a square hole.

No, I never get this right, we are square pegs in a big round hole that is the Gold Coast.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right either.

You know what I mean.

Robina Stadium is not Lang Park which is in close walking distance to the CBD and linked with numerous public transport options.

Yeah, sure, we all know ditching the car is best for the environment and public transport is the future blah, blah, blah.

But until they have a bus stop at the end of my street with a reliable, regular service than they will have to pry my car keys out of my cold dead hands.

Oh and by the way, there is a car park at the stadium for VIPs and their mates.

These are usually the people who never actually pay for their tickets.

And if the public transport is so convenient why don’t they use it?