Parko puts on a near perfect performance at Trestles

Joel Parkinson has given surfing fans something to cheer about, putting on a near perfect performance at the Hurley Pro at Trestles.

The Gold Coast surfer hit the water for heat nine or round two of the event this morning alongside American C.J Hobgood.

Both were fighting to keep their spot in the event, with a win to secure their spot in round three.


Parkinson opened things up with a massive 9.57 ride, shortly followed by a 9.17, for a heat total of 18.74.

Hobgood struggled to find the waves he needed to match Parko, only securing a 13.73 heat total and bowing out of the event.

The retiring veteran still got a massive cheer from the American crowd as he came into shore.

Fellow locals Josh Kerr and Bede Burdige also grabbed wins in their second round heats today to join Mick Fanning and a host of other big names in round three.

One shock of the day came in heat 7 when Glenn ‘Micro’ Hall knocked young rising superstar John John Florence out of the event.

Round two is continuing today.