Parramatta Eels star Corey Norman out for the season, fined $20k

Parramatta Eels player Corey Norman has been suspended for the rest of NRL season and fined $20,000 for possessing drugs, associating with criminals and filming sexual acts at Sydney’s Star Casino.

The NRL said the suspension would run from Round 19 when Norman was stood down through to the end of Round 26.

In addition, the Parramatta Eels star has also be fined $20,000.


NRL Head of Integrity Nick Weeks said the heavy penalty related to Norman’s conviction for drug possession at the Star Casino, a police warning for consorting with known criminals at the Casino, filming incidents involving apparent drug use and sexual activity, and for distributing the said footage to other NRL players.

“The message is clear,” Mr Weeks said. “Players cannot put themselves in a position where they may damage their own reputations and that of the game.

“We have been consistent this year in imposing strong penalties where players bring the game into disrepute through actions off the field.

“Whether it is drug possession, criminal associations or social media use, players understand the consequences that can flow from illegal or other unacceptable conduct,” Mr Weeks said.