Parts of northern NSW without service for days after “act of bastardry” in Mullumbimby

Thousands of northern New South Wales residents will be without phone service for days after the Telstra tower in Mullumbimby was deliberately set on fire.

Fire crews were called to the scene early Friday morning where they found the tower fully involved in flames.

They quickly established that the fire was deliberately started and NSW police are now conducting a criminal investigation.


It comes after flood waters wreaked havoc on northern New South Wales, putting many Mullumbimby homes and businesses underwater.

Recovery efforts have now been further hampered with people unable to use their phones within the area.

Telstra has said it’ll be days before they’re able to re-establish reception to the area with the tower servicing thousands of homes in the disaster zone.

Local MP Justine Elliot took to Facebook to condemn the deplorable action, slamming it for further crippling the community which is trying to recover from the recent floods.

“I am disgusted at the deliberate burning of a Telstra tower in Mullumbimby.
“The authorities have advised me that this fire was deliberately lit and a criminal investigation is underway.
“We have just seen the effects of a lack of communication through an emergency – when people couldn’t use their phones and were stranded without rescue.
“As a result of these actions, people right now cannot use their mobile phones in or around Mullumbimby.
“This deplorable act by criminals has further crippled our infrastructure when our community has suffered so much from the flood.
“How dare you. This places lives at risk and will significantly set back our recovery.
“To the people who committed this act of bastardry: you are a disgrace to our community. Shame on you,” Ms Elliot posted.