Party crashers in for a political shock

I SEE the LNP Government has plans to crackdown on out-of-control house parties.

Perhaps Premier Campbell Newman should be getting his own house in order first by cracking down on his out-of-control party.

I’m thinking at least a detention if not a suspension for LNP Currumbin MP and State Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey who started a brawl with her federal LNP colleague Karen Andrews last week – in front of students, parents and teachers at Elanora State School.


These are the little primary school kids, remember.

How do you explain that to them: “Yes, I know you got in trouble for calling Teeghann a vegan and I’m sure Ms Stuckey and Ms Andrews will also be in big trouble from their principal for name calling.”

Ms Stuckey has a bit of form apparently.

She has lost so many staff since coming to power they call her The Terminator.

Okay, I made that up. But they should.

Mr Newman has other, bigger problems looming on the electoral horizon.

The hubris from winning 121 seats in a Parliament that just has 89 is starting to wear off now as recent, dire polls indicate quite a few LNP MPs will find themselves back on the deli roster after the next election.

Including Mr Newman.

Worried MPs get panicky.

Panicky MPs suddenly feel the need to speak out loudly on behalf of their constituents and against their own Government.

Tough guys and gals who had trouble finding their electorates for the past two years will now demand the Premier give some crowd pleasing boondoggles.

It’s a word! Look it up.

I’ve seen it all before with Labor when they won a landslide in 2001 and found the parliament full of shocked people who thought they had just fallen through a space portal.

But once they grab hold of a nice seat in parliament, with the very nice wage, nice allowances and nice travel and entertainment perks, it is really hard to pry their cold, dead hands from that seat.

So it’s going to get really ugly. I can’t wait.


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