Party with the Modern Maori Quartet at HOTA

Putting a spin on modern and classic numbers, the talented performers in the Modern Māori Quartet are taking their music to the people and returning it to their roots.

This acclaimed show has been described as a party like no other, where hearty voices in epic harmony share Māori traditions and tell New Zealand stories through waiata and cheeky Māori humour.

“We want to inspire a new generation of Māori garage parties globally and fuel those special gatherings with new, honest, hearty songs (waiata) to add to the classic play list.

“We aim to share a new and current sound of Māori showbands with our cousins and neighbours in Australia and show the world that Kiwi music – our music – is alive and thriving,” said performer and creative director James Tito.

PHOTO: © Josh Griggs Photography / supplied by HOTA

“We are looking forward to performing at HOTA on the Gold Coast.”

HOTA CEO Criena Gehrke is confident that the Modern Māori Quartet will draw a huge crowd.

“Deemed the “Māori Ratpack”, these guys have universal appeal and have been receiving 4 and 5 Star reviews from festivals all over the world.

“There’s a very strong community of Kiwi’s on the Gold Coast and we hope that many of them will join the guys for a fabulous night of fun,” Criena said.

For the past 18 months, the Modern Māori Quartet has been travelling the world and have delivered over 200+ performances in 70+ cities across 8 countries with very positive reviews.

“These men are so open-hearted and generous that they become the energy-weaving shamans of their ancient and exceptionally powerful culture. They wrap it in modern, polished and personable performance, with their terrific humour and music, but the effect is palpable… My soul is enriched from their presence, their voices, their authenticity and their magic. My heart is singing” 5 STARS – THE CLOTHESLINE

“The four performers are both professionally accomplished and slyly flirtatious, playing off each other in back chats and musical duels” 4 STARS – EDINBURGH REPORTER

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Date: Sat 6 Oct
Time: 7.30pm
Cost: Adults $38.50 / Seniors + Pensioners $35 / Students $30 / Children $30