‘Pathetic effort’: Calls ramp up for LNP leader to apologise over racist video

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington is now under fire, over a ‘wishy washy’ response to a racist video posted by members of the young LNP earlier this week.

The video shows Gold Coast Young LNP chairman Barclay McGain smiling at a racist comment made by a schoolie during an interview in Surfers Paradise.

The schoolie who made the comment is also believed to be a member of the Young LNP.


The video was published on the Gold Coast Young LNP Facebook page on Monday night and quickly taken down, though not before it sparked outrage. 

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington addressed the video with reporters yesterday, repeating multiple times: ‘this is inappropriate and the party is taking action’.

This morning, senior politicians are furious that Ms Frecklington still hasn’t made a formal apology, more than 24 hours after the video was posted.

Labor Senator Murray Watt told myGC that Ms Frecklington needs to take a stand if she ever hopes to become a Premier.

“We expect people who want to be the Premier of a state to demonstrate that they can take firm leadership when issues arise… and Deb Frecklington’s wishy-washy response to this yesterday just shows she’s not up to the job of leading the state.

“You need someone who can take a stand on issues, whether it’s about these sort of things or about economic progress.

“I thought it was a pretty pathetic effort from her yesterday, and just shows why she’s not ready to be the Premier,” Senator Watt told myGC.

The Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch has now come forward, backing calls for a formal apology as well.

“She might be Campbell Newman’s apprentice but her party offended Australia’s First Nations peoples, and that deserves an unreserved apology.

“She needs to have the personal conviction to apologise on behalf of the party she leads.

“The Premier was right when she called for an apology yesterday.

“The Opposition Leader needs to apologise on behalf of the LNP.

“She needs to stand up today and do what she failed to do yesterday,” Ms Enoch said.

The three members of the Gold Coast branch of the Young LNP have been suspended.

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What is outrageous is that despite the worst drought in history, the state government is still holding up the start of the Emu Swamp Dam on the Granite Belt. Even though the state government is hardly contributing anything to the cost, they are holding up approvals and destroying the local economy. How very convenient to have this distraction from the real issues confronting people in regional Queensland. There has been a complete failure in water resource management by the state government, whose only response seems to be to build (belatedly) pipelines from Wivenhoe – whats going to happen when that starts to run dry ?

Agree Randall, there’s bad behaviour in the youth branches of all political parties. Youthful exuberance beyond their ability and maturity is part and parcel of the age group.

Political parties would be more successful if they disbanded such groups within so the younger members could learn to mature amongst hopefully more wiser, experienced adults.

The lack of approval for Emu Swamp Dam on the Granite Belt, a favourite getaway destination for Gold Coasters is an example of how Australia holds itself back. State governments choose to mire themselves in red and green tape to delay dam building, an important drought management strategy.

It’s therefore too much to ask of more innovative projects within the region of hydro pump storage of the Upper Clarence to generate electricity sustainably and move water or to redirect surplus volume from the Upper Clarence to the neighbours on the Granite Belt on the other side of the watershed via a much more efficient pipeline.

God help us they say these children are our future just goes th show what we older people get blamed for sorry if they where my children I would make them go and work with some indigenous people so they can teach these idots some manners.I apologise to the indigenous people seeing Deb Frecklen couldnt say sorry.Kick them out.