Patient detained by police after allegedly trying to stab paramedics

A MAN has allegedly lashed out at paramedics and tried stabbing them with a knife as they treated him at a house in the NSW Hunter Region.

Police said paramedics were called to treat the 37-year-old man at a home on John Parade in Port Stephens around 10.40pm on Saturday.

When ambulances officers arrived, they found the man in an erratic state. Police said the man became increasingly agitated and uncooperative when paramedics told the man he needed to be transported to hospital.


The man allegedly grabbed a knife and swung it at one of the paramedics who continued to examine him.

Police were called and arrived to find the patient had locked himself in a garage.

Officers negotiated with the man for a short time and managed to coax him into unlocking the door and surrendering without incident.

The man was transported to the Mater Hospital under police guard for further examination.

Police said it was anticipated that the 37-year-old man will be charged with assaulting the ambulance officer after he is discharged from hospital.