Paul Vaughan “deeply remorseful and sorry” after illegal house party got him sacked

Paul Vaughan has broken down on TV while talking about his deep remorse for hosting a house party that has now cost him his career.

The St George Illawarra Dragons star had his contract ripped up yesterday, for organising the illegal gathering of 13 players at his home during the Greater Sydney lockdown.

The party resulted in fines from the New South Wales police, while the NRL unleashed a record total of $305,000 in fines for all the players involved.


Vaughan, as the organiser, copped an eight-match ban and a whopping $50,000 fine.

But the club’s gone one step further and torn up his contract.

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He appeared on Fox Sports last night, telling the show that he regrets everything.

“It was a very bad judgement call on my behalf and it was obviously very stupid and I’m deeply remorseful and sorry for what’s happened. I can’t express that enough,” he said.

Vaughan is still hopeful of playing in the NRL again, hoping to show people he’s still a good person.

“I still have a burning desire to not only show that I can continue on playing but to prove myself to people that I’m a good person and to repay the faith.

“It’s breaking my heart, it’s something that’s caused me a lot of pain.

“I’m a good person, I truly believe that. I just want to show people that.

“If I get the opportunity to play again, I’d love to do that,” Vaughan told Fox Sports.

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