Pauline Hanson back with a chance

She’s back and has a better chance than ever at taking a seat in parliament.

Controversial red head Pauline Hanson has confirmed she is again putting her hand up ahead of the Federal election on July 2.

And her likelihood of claiming a Senate seat in Queensland has soared thanks to the double dissolution election, combined with the new Senate voting system.


Ms Hanson, who has a home on the Gold Coast as well as Beaudesert, has just as many supporters as haters, due to her hard stance on immigration and welfare.

The outspoken former MP first entered the political arena in 1994 as a Councillor for Ipswich. She founded the One Nation party in 1997.

Ms Hanson left One Nation in 2002 and the following year was sentenced to 9 years jail for fraud. She was released, with all of the charges quashed, three months later.

In 2003 she made another tilt at politics in the NSW State Election, but was unsuccessful. The next year Ms Hanson made a failed bid at joining the Queensland senate.

In 2007 she launched Pauline’s United Australia Party and again was unsuccessful in the Federal Election.

Not one to give up, Ms Hanson contested the electoral district of Beaudesert as an independent at the 2009 Queensland state election, but again failed.

Another comeback in 2013 saw the former fish and chip shop owner contest the federal election as part of the One Nation party as a Senate candidate in New South Wales. She was unsuccessful.