Pauline Hanson banned from Today Show after ‘ill-informed’ and ‘divisive’ comments

Controversial One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson’s been dumped from regularly contributing to Channel Nine’s Today Show, after ‘ill informed and divisive’ comments on air this morning.

Hanson was part of a debate about the social housing towers being put into lock down in Melbourne over the weekend, as the city battles to get a hold on recent coronavirus outbreaks.

There are concerns that some of the 3,000 residents not able to leave their homes haven’t been able to eat for days.


Pauline Hanson argued the concern with Today Show host Allison Langdon.

“We’ve seen food being delivered there. The fact is a lot of them are drug addicts, they’re getting the medication, they’re alcoholics so they’re being look after that way,” Ms Hanson said.

“A lot of these people are from non-English speaking backgrounds, probably English is their second language, who haven’t adhered to the rules of social distancing.”

“So the fact is you’ve got to look at why they are in that situation, why has the government gone to this high-rise building and shut it down? Possibly because a lot of these people weren’t doing the right thing.”

“If they are from war-torn countries, which some of these people are, they know what it is like to be in tough conditions,” she added.

Channel Nine has since issued the following statement from their Director of News and Current Affairs, Darren Wick.

“The Today Show has advised Pauline Hanson that she will no longer be appearing on our programme as a regular contributor.

“We don’t shy away from diverse opinions and robust debate on the Today Show. But this morning’s accusations from Pauline Hanson were ill-informed and divisive.

“At a time of uncertainty in this national and global health crisis, Australians have to be united and supportive of one another. We need to get through this together,” the statement reads.

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By by 9 today show you’ve gone to far I’ll never watch again ??

By by 9 today show you’ve gone to far ??

The establishment and cooperate elite who are responsible for this covid-19 charade which is primly designed to
take away our freedoms and destroy small businesses HATES people like Pauline pants down and trump
they might not be perfect and we might not agree with some of there comments but look at what has happened to Australia since Pauline ran for prime minister,
Ultimately she won but thanks to trickery like combining multiply parties together to show more votes she lost and so did Australia.
What does this country own now ? NOTHING everything has been sold, how can we trade ?

People in generally are not as dumb down, as the system thinks we are the mainstream news loves to twist the truth like a sponge and offer no other opinions but from what they’ve engineered.

THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!! every year in the winter time Victoria is freezing cold and every year
mainstream news reports come get your flu shot BUT your not hearing that now ? because everyone who has the flu in VICTORIA is been written off as corona virus positive.

The CDC of America of been sued in court for openly admitting in court that vaccines are not effective
and can have negative affects on patents not to mention bill gates has openly said his covid-19 vaccine will have
an estimated 700.000 fatalities ?
Straight from the horses mouth yet the scripted media keeps trying to sell a
bogus story that Australia will not be the same until there is a vaccine?
yet THIS vaccine available next year will be mandatory and tide to your DRIVERS licence and right to travel on a PLANE ??

we . are . awake

Exactly what her billboards and slogans say.
I’m not afraid to say what you are thinking!
For over 20 years Pauline has been outspoken on most issues she has supported.
Now government trying to back peddle to change the situation we are in.
Not racist but factual in most cases.
Bring back Australia Pauline.

I thing Pauline Hanson should shut he mouth that is not nice saying the words about people living in Austria we ar human we live here we work we ar Australian now after 40 years living no meter what we ar born here or not we have kids here born live here families this is now our cantry we ar now Australisn citizen’s and I don’t undarstand her talking like that shame of you Pauline Hanson you never gona be respected woman again

I lived in high rise public housing for approximately 8 years..i dont particularly like pauline hason or her views..but on this account i have..public housing tenants are 25 percent great..75 percent not..i was lucky enough to get tenancy due to domestic violence with a vunerable autistic child..the things i witnessed and experienced were horrifying…i think these “do gooders” need to go live in public housing even for a week to realise how terrifying these places are..i left thankfully but myself and my son were left completely traumatised..