Pauline Hanson pursuing legal action to stop Qld govt ‘dictatorship’

One Nation Senator Pauline Hansen has vowed to pursue legal action against the Palaszczuk Government, in regards to the border closures.

Authorities are so far standing firm on the closures, claiming there are still too many cases of community transmission in New South Wales and Victoria at the moment to risk it.

September has been suggested as the likely end of the closures, which has received heavy criticism for being too late.


It’s also worried tourism operators, who are heavily dependant on an influx from southern visitors over the cooler months.

Senator Hanson since came out declaring she will be taking legal action against the closures, arguing they’ve become unconstitutional.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday dismissed the notion, saying the borders would likely be open by the time the case was brought to the high court.

But Hanson has spoken again this morning, confirming to The Today Show that she’ll be pressing ahead with it anyway.

“When the Chief Medical Officer Jeanette Young was interviewed, she couldn’t give a guarantee that the borders would be open by September.

“I’m sure the High Court challenge would be up long before that.

“It’s putting pressure on the Palaszczuk Government to listen to this, would she really want to go to the high court about this? I don’t believe so.

“So I’m hoping to put enough pressure on her, because it’s so important about the borders being closed – affecting trade and commerce and especially tourism for Queensland at this time of the year.

“She is under pressure, so I’m intending to go ahead with this, and it needs to set a precedent with it.

“She can’t just — this is not leadership, this is dictatorship, there’s no clear reason to keep the borders shut,” Hanson told The Today Show.


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Go Pauline
Time to stand up to politicians only interested in their own self importance.
Yes its a risk to open OUR border but a much bigger risk not too.

I guess it all depends on what risk you consider more important, Finance or health? This is a new virus and we have no way of knowing what might happen in the longer term. There were 54 new cases diagnosed in Victoria overnight so why on earth would we want to open our borders?. It only takes one person to bring it here which could result in another longer and even more strict lock down which none of us want. I understand the financial dilemma for many, but death and bereavement for families is much worse.

My next vote for Prime Minister is for Pauline. We need to replace this failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government control by us, the Australian people. This COVID 19 is the first step in implementing a communist/fascist country with the government controlling us. We the people need to reclaim this control over our government!

Communist OR Fascist? Pick one – you can’t have both!

It doesn’t matter it’s the same totalitarian crap, take your pick.

IF the border is opened, prematurely, will Senator Hanson accept the consequences of increased infections – if that occurred? I agree that the State needs to be opened (unrestricted intra-state travel) but also agree that the borders remain closed until our Southern States have zero new cases for a few weeks.

Pauline is a legend! People that are in fear cause of the governments fear tactics, then social distance yourself, stay indoors, but let other people live.

Pauline again shows her lack of an international or even national perspective. Parochialism has no place in discussions around a global pandemic.

Im usually a Pauline supporter, but not on this one. Keep Queensland borders shut. There are far too many cases in Victoria. Why would we want to allow Victorians into Queensland when there is a high risk that they will also bring
with them the virus. Saving lives is far more important than saving the economy. We can get the economy back on track but can’t do the same with taken lives.

Massive gov infrastructure projects, job keeper $ , increase job seeker $ = national debt, just a band aid. The private sector creates jobs, pays taxes, stimulates confidence = recovery, at no cost to the public purse. I am sick of the labeling of developers as money grabbing opportunist’s, developers, small business take the initiative and all the risk and rightfully should get rewarded. All levels of Gov should cut the massive red tape and simulate the private sector or recession = depression.