Pauline Hanson to make One Nation return

PAULINE HANSON has confirmed she will take the helm of One Nation.

She was voted in as leader by the party’s state executive about three weeks ago and will seek acceptance from party members at a special meeting later this month.

Ms Hanson has confirmed she’ll also be aiming for a seat in federal parliament.


EARLIER: According to a message to members on the One Nation website from Queensland president Jim Savage, Ms Hanson is returning to the head of the party.

The message appeared to have been altered by Tuesday night, but News Corp reported that a statement to members said there was an “opportunity to revitalise the party with Pauline Hanson taking on the role of National Chairman and Leader of the party”.

“It is now time to rebuild the party and stand credible candidates in upcoming elections,” Mr Savage’s message read, according to News Corp.

“Many Australians have lost faith in all the major Parties and are looking for an alternative. I believe it is OUR TIME!”

Ms Hanson, who left the Liberals in 1997 to form One Nation, refused to comment on the report.

She says she will address the issue after the party’s special general meeting on November 29.