Pauline Hanson uses poll to show almost half of Aussies don’t want Muslim immigration

Outspoken Senator Pauline Hanson is using the results of a poll on Muslim immigration as evidence that One Nation represents our country’s “silent majority”

The poll showed 49 per cent of voters want a complete ban on Muslim immigration, leading Hanson to call for a national vote on the issue.

Just last week Senator Hanson handed down her first speech in the Senate, where she called for the government to halt Muslim immigration and cease the construction of Mosques and places of worship.


The Essential poll, which featured a sample size of around 1000 voters, also indicated a high level of support for One Nation, with two-thirds agreeing that the newly appointed Senator discusses the topics others are afraid of tackling.

Former Federal Labor leader Mark Latham has also come to the party, accusing Bill Shorten of ‘tolerating intolerance’ from Australia’s Islamic Community leaders.

He believes the poll shows that Australians now know what the problem is, and we can’t ignore statements made by Islamic leaders and women and gays.

“Bill Shorten himself must acknowledge that those statements are incompatible with our Western, liberal, pluralistic democracy.

“We can’t tolerate that level of intolerance,” he said.

Independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon says he is baffled by the results.

“If those poll figures are accurate, it means that the politics of fear have got a foothold in Australia.

But I’d like to think that in a big country like ours, with a big heart… can see a different point of view. A point of view that’s based on hope, not fear”, he said.