Pauline Hanson’s appearance on ABC’s Q&A sparks large protest

Pauline Hanson’s appearance on the ABC’s Q&A program sparked a major protest in Sydney overnight.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside ABC headquarters in Ultimo, with police having to arrest up to six people after they began to clash with supporters of the One Nation leader who also rallied outside the building on Monday night.


Ms Hanson’s personal views on Islam was the feature of the heated debate on the program.

“People in Australia are in fear because they can’t walk in the streets, they’re in fear of terrorism which is happening around the world. Why? Because of Islam. Because you have the radicalisation – radicalisation is actually happening in Australia,” Hanson said during the discussion.

Fellow panelist, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, heated up the program revealing to Hanson that he was Muslim, therefore asking if she would of banned him from coming into the country.

“Ms Hanson, when you have a policy document that says in black and white, ‘We should be banning Muslims from coming to this country,’ I can’t help but interpret what that means,” Dastyari said.

“Does that mean that a 5-year-old Sam Dastyari should never have been able to set foot in Australia because somewhere in Tehran there’s a document that says beside my name the word “Muslim” because of where I was born?

“For people like my family and the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have come from the Middle East and around the world, yes it is very personal.”

“Are you a Muslim? Really? Were you sworn in under the Koran?” Ms Hanson said.

“Really? Gee Whiz, I’m surprised. I did not know that about you,” she continued.