Pauline Hanson’s launched a GoFundMe page to battle border closures

Pauline Hanson hopes to file a case against the Queensland Government in the High Court by the end of the week, over the state border closures.

Unless the Queensland Premier can present official documents stating why the borders have to remain closed by tomorrow afternoon, High Court action could be just weeks away.

The One Nation Senator has claimed the closures have become unconstitutional, and that there is no official advice from federal authorities saying they’re required.


But High Court action does not come cheap, and while Hanson says she embarked on this challenge with a pro bono lawyer, she’s now had to take on a full team.

A GoFundMe page has now been set up to help her fund the case, with the goal of raising $1,000,000. In the 14 hours since it was established, the page has raised $2,000.

The challenge came about after the Queensland Premier let slip that the borders would stay closed until at least September, which was then backed up by the state’s chief medical officer.

That’s despite our official roadmap saying a mid-July date was likely.

It’s since become a hot national debate ahead of the winter school holidays, with other Australians wanting to holiday in the Sunshine State.

Plus, given Queensland’s dependence on the tourism industry, we stand to miss out on as much as $5 billion if the borders stay closed until September.

Pauline Hanson has this morning told The Today Show there’s no reason the borders shouldn’t open now.

“We may not have a cure for the coronavirus, a vaccine for another year or two, we can’t keep the borders closed that long.

“It’s a virus that we have to live with. Just because you get coronavirus, doesn’t mean that it’s a death sentence.

“It will affect those people with underlying health issues, but the whole fact is that we’re destroying our economy more so that what the coronavirus is.

“Tell me, 100 deaths because of the coronavirus, and last year we had over 900 because of the flu.

“So go figure there, we didn’t close the borders because of the flu, so we have closed them because of coronavirus.

“People are getting depression, suicide, businesses are closing, losing homes, losing businesses.

“And majority of people last that I’ve heard, 67 percent wants the borders opened,” Hanson told Today.

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