Pauline Hanson’s launched a GoFundMe page to battle border closures

Pauline Hanson hopes to file a case against the Queensland Government in the High Court by the end of the week, over the state border closures.

Unless the Queensland Premier can present official documents stating why the borders have to remain closed by tomorrow afternoon, High Court action could be just weeks away.

The One Nation Senator has claimed the closures have become unconstitutional, and that there is no official advice from federal authorities saying they’re required.


But High Court action does not come cheap, and while Hanson says she embarked on this challenge with a pro bono lawyer, she’s now had to take on a full team.

A GoFundMe page has now been set up to help her fund the case, with the goal of raising $1,000,000. In the 14 hours since it was established, the page has raised $2,000.

The challenge came about after the Queensland Premier let slip that the borders would stay closed until at least September, which was then backed up by the state’s chief medical officer.

That’s despite our official roadmap saying a mid-July date was likely.

It’s since become a hot national debate ahead of the winter school holidays, with other Australians wanting to holiday in the Sunshine State.

Plus, given Queensland’s dependence on the tourism industry, we stand to miss out on as much as $5 billion if the borders stay closed until September.

Pauline Hanson has this morning told The Today Show there’s no reason the borders shouldn’t open now.

“We may not have a cure for the coronavirus, a vaccine for another year or two, we can’t keep the borders closed that long.

“It’s a virus that we have to live with. Just because you get coronavirus, doesn’t mean that it’s a death sentence.

“It will affect those people with underlying health issues, but the whole fact is that we’re destroying our economy more so that what the coronavirus is.

“Tell me, 100 deaths because of the coronavirus, and last year we had over 900 because of the flu.

“So go figure there, we didn’t close the borders because of the flu, so we have closed them because of coronavirus.

“People are getting depression, suicide, businesses are closing, losing homes, losing businesses.

“And majority of people last that I’ve heard, 67 percent wants the borders opened,” Hanson told Today.

For more information, click here.


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Where is the link so that people can donate?? Or are you one of those people, that believes you have the right to control the freedom of other people, just so that you can have a false sense of security??

Try opening your eyes before your mouth when you wait to spew forth unwarranted accusations.

At the end of the article:
“For more information, click here.”
If you click “here” it takes you to the go fund me page.

Or are you one of those people who refuse to the read an entire article and instead fly off the hinges with your own assumptions because “they” are always out to get you??

She obviously doesn’t understand that COVID-19 deaths are so low and our hospitals weren’t overwhelmed because of drastic measures taken such as …wait for it……border closure! Nobody has said the borders will stay closed until a vaccine is found Pauline. So dramatic! If the QLD Premier and her advisers think it is better to open the state slowly then so be it. The economy will bounce back, better safe than sorry IMO.

You are terribly naive. The number of cases was already in decline before borders were closed. Current cases are not worth worrying about and the virus kills no more than the flu Did we shut the borders last year because 817 people died of the flu?

There are vaccines for the flu every year John, this was a new unknown virus that swept the globe. Medical experts still dont know all there is to know about it. You only have to look at places like USA to see how bad things could have been had our state and local government not responded the way they did.

Flu vaccine? That is a commercial endeavour – don’t get me started. If it is so great – why did 217,000 cases get reported in Australia last year? And are you holding out to get injected with an experimental vaccine for CV as well? I am not denying that the international border closures were justified. Just on 90% of cases are related to people returning from overseas. The majority of the remainder are/were in aged care. The issue now is that the economy is not being returned to normal for reasons other than health concerns. Community spread is not an issue. Cases could be managed if they arise. There is nothing new in this. Only 15 cases exist in NSW. – is this really a cause for continuing to destroy the economy?

Good grief you’re almost as bad as Pauline with the drama. Trade is still occurring and most people I’ve seen moaning about the closure are more concerned about being able to visit family out of state and avoid a 14 day quarantine upon their return than they are about the local tourism industry. I do agree that travel limits within QLD should be extended though, 250km gets you nowhere. As for the border, keep them closed until the powers-that-be (not you, me or Pauline bloody Hanson) say otherwise.

No way will I be contributing money to her GoFund page just so she can boost her ego. She needs to keep her nose out of this political hotbed, especially as she is not medically qualified to make any judgements that might jeapordise peoples’ health. We all have opinions, but lives are what counts here.

Neither that halfwit premier or her health advisor are concerned about health. THEY ARE INTERESTED IN VOTES The federal government says open the borders. Why are they wrong and AP so right? It is selfish, soul destroying behaviour.

Iam glad Pauline is doing something.just because someone was voted in .They need to look after the interests of Qld .But if they are not taking notice of Medical doctors.Also prime minister saying time for states to get there encomy back .Qld Tourists Encomy is about to start .And they would really help there encomy with so many travellers not being able to travel overseas .Visit and holiday in there own country.People forget most of the problems came from cruises ships .And they have been stopped.Cant wait for ever for vaccines.

You are absolutely right Susan. They get no income for their high season. After end of October they go into low season until May next year. I am in the travel industry and I can see what is happening to the industry day by day, week by week. It is devastating for them. How do they pay their bills? Anyone who thinks this is about health is naive in the extreme. This is about politics. Good on Pauline Hanson. I am donating and I will be handing out her how to vote cards at the next election. On your other point, vaccines are a commercial endeavour, they are doing things that take years to do properly. Do you really want to be part of that experiment?

Need a paypal link

I have questions about her GoFundMe page, why is it not in her name. Mitchell Downes Organizer Brisbane, AUS. Who is this person and can you use GoFundMe to raise money for a court case. I’m all for keeping the boarders closed.

Mitchell Downes · Partner
Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation (Qld)
Level 18, 167 Eagle Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 3311 Brisbane Qld 4001
07 3007 3715 · Linkedin

The idiots who want the borders closed should go back to hiding under their covers. Aren’t you afraid the keyboard usage will give you RSI or the screen will give you vision problems?

Too right Joe. This is about POLITICS NOT HEALTH. AP is only concerned about her own a***. Deaths from coronavirus get more headlines than a trashed and burned tourism industry. As many in the media have highlighted – there is a state election coming up in October and she will try and hold out to avoid bad PR around that time. When the premier is interviewed do you see any sign of empathy for the people affected? No. The federal government health minister says “great job, but now restrictions must be removed”. Why is that instruction being ignored? There are 6 ICU cases in the whole of Australia. You probably have more people living next door. Wake the hell up!

“Pauline Hanson go fund me” entered in to Google doesn’t find any results.
Fake News?