Paw Patrol: Police rescue curious guide dog in-training

Sydney Police officers have received some puppy love as appreciation, after coming to the rescue of a curious Labrador, but the dog’s carer may not be so happy.

Officers were called to Paddington on Friday after the guide dog in-training became trapped between two homes.

“Baxter” had managed to wedge himself between two terrace houses on Harris Street.


After assessing the scene, Police Rescue were called in to help man’s best friend.

Image | Supplied: Baxter became wedged between two terrace houses for around 30 minutes.

In a statement issued by Police, it was explained that Baxter had been trapped in the space for approximately 30 minutes.

“Officers were able to retrieve the pooch, by cutting through a wall in the home,” the statement confirmed.

Image | Supplied: Officers had to cut through a wall to get to Baxter.

“The loveable Lab was uninjured and pawsitively delighted to be freed, showing appreciation to his rescuers with some puppy love.”

While his carers have been left with a gaping hole in their wall! Lucky Baxter is super cute…

Image | Supplied: Baxter thanked the officers with “puppy love”.