Would you pay to replace a Louis Vuitton bag your kid vomited on?

A family was on a flight recently when their toddler threw up. Unfortunately, some of the vomit ended up on another passenger’s handbag – their very expensive Louis Vuitton handbag.

Which obviously annoyed said passenger, who piped up and demanded the offending parties get their insurance to pay for it to be repaired or cleaned.

So far so good, right?


All parties exchanged contact details and a little while later, the toddler’s mum received an email from the woman. She’d taken her Louis Vuitton bag back to the store, she reported, and they had been unable to rid the bag of the offensive smell.

So, she demanded she pay for a new one.

This is a thoroughly modern quandary and to me, it raises some broader questions (such as: who spends thousands of dollars on a handbag, when the same sum of money can feed an orphanage full of hungry kids for months?)

But that’s not the point here.

The point is: a woman’s bag has been vomited on and apparently destroyed, and someone is responsible for fixing it.

Do I think the toddler’s mum should pay for a new one?

Absolutely not!

We’re talking about vomit, people, not acid. Vomit is gross and the parents of the little spewer should definitely have offered to have the bag professionally cleaned, immediately if not sooner.

This would definitely have solved the problem. I know this from very recent experience, as my 11-month old had gastro on the weekend and vomited all through my brand new (literally – it was six days old) handbag. Every nook, every cranny, every zipper – ensconced in barf.

When I took him to the hospital with my back up handbag, he then vomited all through that one as well.

I had to handwash both bags twice, but I can now confidently report that every inch of each bag is vomit-free.

So in my opinion, it’s ludicrous to suggest that the parents in question should fork out a huge sum of money to replace someone else’s bag.

But what do you think: are the parents liable to replace the handbag in question, or is there a more affordable solution in the mix?