Pearce off all you Mitch-Haters

Ok folks I’ve got the gloves on for this one so bring on the comments because I have absolutely no problem with what Mitchell Pearce did in ‘that’ video.

The ONLY mistake Pearce made last week was trusting someone too much.

Sure what he did was pretty stupid but, well, that’s it.


Full stop, end of discussion.

He should not be sacked, spoken about at length in the darkest corners of social media, nor branded on the back pages of our (vastly stupiderer) national newspapers.

Seriously SMH, in what universe must ‘Pearce be sacked immediately’?

Now I thought this was common knowledge but clearly it needs to be spelled out – when young guys (and girls for that matter) get together and drink a lot of alcohol, they do really really (sometimes ridiculously) dumb things.

And you know what they don’t even have to always be that young.

Certainly age is not a determining factor for one’s stupidity level post a mullion drinks.

Animal rights activists, feminists, communists, archaeologists, Mormons, senior citizens, sales assistants, neighbours and guys named Bob who work part-time at the local Hungry Jacks – there is not a set or sub-set of people who would not be horrified-to-slightly offended by what young people do when on the sauce.

So why in the name of Joey (who BTW is an immortal of the game despite his well-publicised ecstasy use and drunken obnoxiousness) do we give two hoots about it when it happens?

I’ll tell you why, because somewhere along the way some muppet confused ‘role model’ with ‘sports star’.

The two are not mutually inclusive and in fact very seldom should the parallel be drawn.

Parents, if you want your little Timmy to grow up JUST like Darren Lockyer, Pat Rafter, Gary Ablett, Jason Day or Mitchell Pearce then you (and I really must apologise for this in advance) are a goose.

No one teaches their kids to BE anyone, we teach them to be BETTER.

The conversation could not be easier to have with little Timmy…

“See that Tim Tim, see when Pearce steps off his right and accelerates to the line to give his back rower Boyd Cordner that perfect passage to the try line – do THAT on Saturday.

But you see that Tim Tim, right there where he has his fifteenth schooner and decides to go clubbing with so-called mates who would rather profit from his drunkenness than be a good friend and take him home earlier – DON’T do THAT anytime let alone Saturday.”

Seriously, turning on some new TV’s is harder than what I just explained to my fictional 10yr old Timmy.

Any little kid with Pearce posters on his or her wall should absolutely keep them up.

The guy is a good footy player who could one day be thought of as great.

Maybe instead of drafting a strongly worded complaint to the NRL, Roosters, twitter or local news about why your son or daughter is now doomed for life for idolising Pearce, maybe you could spend that time more constructively.

Like explaining to them that they are in fact not Mitchell Pearce and can decide which aspects of an athlete, politician, pilot, scientist, rockstar or scholar to emulate and which to discard as being pretty (really) stupid.

As for you Jnr Jnr, you may not want to curb your social ways but whatever you do you need to get better mates mate.

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