Young girl critical after being struck by car at Ormeau

A three-year-old girl is fighting for life after being hit by a car in Ormeau.

The accident happened on Goldmine Rd near Harvester Rd at around 8.45am when the girl was struck by a Toyota Corolla.

It’s understood the girl was crossing the road at the time in between two parked vehicles.


A registered nurse was at the scene and commenced CPR immediately while paramedics, including critical care rushed to the scene.

The girl was stabilised at the scene before being rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical but stable condition.

The 33-year-old female driver was not injured.

Forensic Crash Unit investigations are continuing.

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I’d like to know the figures on young children being hit or run over by cars. 3 yo do not have road sense, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS????

As for the original poster. 3 year olds are unpredictable and move very quickly. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge, especially not knowing any details. The parents of this beautiful girl are the most loving and caring parents you could ever meet. They surround their children with love and would never expect anything like this to happen. Her mum was already in hospital suffering from her own medical conditions. This is just heartbreaking for her & the family and all you should be sharing is your love and support. If you are not here to share your love and support then take your comments elsewhere.

I rarely say anything when things like this happen as I never want to make situations worse or have people jump to the wrong conclusions but in this case I felt I had to say something especially since those who were there at the time had to deal with a lot that I wouldn’t wish on anyone at any time. Firstly I couldn’t agree with Africa and Ngawhina more…..unless you were there or know the exact details keep negative opinions to yourselves as what has happened is tragic and right now what is needed are prayers and support firstly for the little girl fighting with everything she has and for the family and their families who are going through what no one should especially this close to Xmas.
Any updates on her condition should be done by FAMILY ONLY and only if they wish to share it.
So how about we all send our love, prayers and support to her and her family during this absolutely heartbreaking time instead of negativity. I know I am and will continue to do so no matter what may or may not happen xoxoxo

That’s just what the parents need to here to you f*** head. Think before you get on the keyboard

Are you sure? Please don’t let this be true. I used to work with her Mum, and she’s in hospital herself right now!

This little girl is my neighbour, and she has just been pronounced brain dead! Please have some respect for the now grieving parents who have lost their child 5 days before Christmas! The parents were not able to do anything because it happened in the blink of an eye! They are great, loving parents and that little girl has always had a smile on her face laughing and giggling every chance she got! We have now lost a very bright star in our community! Good wishes go to the family! ❤️

This is false information. No one should believe anything they’ve read unless the family have shared it. No one who is close enough to the family to have that sort of information would share it publicly. It is so disrespectful to share assumed information that you don’t actually know is true or not. Leave it for the family to post updates.

Hi Amanda We must be neighbours as well – this happened right out the front of my house I’ve spoken to quite a few of the neighbours today and were thinking about doing some sort of fundraiser to help the family I’m at number 227 and I work at ray White Ormeau 0755466444 can you possibly give me a call tomorrow or pop in at my house when ever you are free xx

Why even comment? Do you have kids? If you do, you’d know anything can happen in the blink of an eye even when the parents are right there. Considering this girl is now fighting for her life, this comment is highly unnecessary.

Please do not troll here,my nefu and his partner do not need your crap they are going thru enough as it is…
I am so lost for words my whanau Kia kaha ❤❤