Pensioners to do the heavy lifting again

THANK God for old people.

Without them we would never get our federal and state budgets back into the black.

But luckily, by clawing back all the discounts and freebies those elderly layabouts live the high life on, the rest of us won’t suffer as much.


Today’s state budget is looking to be as cruel to our parents and grandparents as the federal budget was a couple of weeks ago.

While State Treasurer Tim Nicholls has been proudly proclaiming there will be no cuts to services or increases in taxes for Queenslanders, news leaked out the real pain would once again be felt by the poorest.

Pensioners were already reeling from the Federal Budget’s $7 Medicare co-payment, increase in fuel costs and other changes to welfare.

Now it appears the State Government will give them another belting, slashing a range of discounts by passing on further Federal Government cuts.

They include the $282 annual electricity rebate, $200 council rates relief, half price public transport fares and hundreds of dollars in gas and water discounts.

When did we go from cherishing our elderly to attacking them?

This is not who we are.

Wait until A Current Affair hears about it: “The conman ripping off our elderly.”

We’ll be drug testing before giving them the pension next.

Yesterday, the brave Newman Government ministers snuck in through a back door to get to their pre-budget cabinet meeting after hearing about a scary union rally out front of the Executive Building.

All except one.

Apparently those cabinet tricksters ‘forgot’ to send the memo to Local Government Minister David Crisafulli who walked straight into the union protest.

I am deadset sure I saw a bunch of sniggering faces pressed up against the Cabinet room window as Mr Crisafulli tried to make his way into the building.

Very funny guys.

As for the unions, the Electrical Trade Union in particular is determined to stop the LNP Government getting a mandate at the next election to sell off public assets such as electricity generators.

Just like the very nasty campaign the ETU launched against the Bligh Government before the 2012 election which saw the LNP swept into power.

And didn’t that work out well for them.

You reap what you sow.

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