Pentagon releases top secret footage of a ‘UFO’ over the Pacific Ocean

THE United States claims it has “scientific evidence” proving UFOs actually do exist following a $22 million investigation, headed by the Pentagon.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Programme (AATIP) was launched by the now retired former Democratic Senator Harry Reid in 2007, with $22 million in annual funding.

The unit described sightings of aircraft travelling at extremely high speeds with no visible signs of propulsion.


According to the Department of Defence (DoD), the programme was terminated in 2012.

Previously classified footage recently released by the DoD purports to US fighter jets tracking an unidentified aerial object flying over the Pacific ocean in 2004, footage Mr Reid claims is proof aliens exist. See it below.

“If this movement took place in anything we now have available to us, it would kill everybody,” Mr Reid told Las Vegas news channel KLAS Channel 8.

“They couldn’t withstand those g-forces. Something sitting there, ‘whoom’, down it goes.

“I’m very glad [the revelations were made public] because now we have scientific evidence,” he said.

According to the DoD, the unidentified object appeared suddenly at 80,000 feet above the ocean and was detected by the naval cruiser USS Princeton.

Commander David Fravor said the object was about 40ft long, had no plumes, wings or rotors, and was fast and big enough to outpace their F-18s and churn the sea 50ft below it, the The New York Times reported.

“I have no idea what I saw … It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,” he said.