‘People do not want borders open’: Palaszczuk

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has boldly declared that Queenslanders don’t want the State’s borders open, in stark contrast to the pleas from struggling Gold Coast tourism operators and small businesses.

The State Government is under increasing pressure to allow interstate travel as soon as possible with the shutdown costing the local economy billions of dollars.

After previously stating it could happen as late as September, the Premier has in recent days flagged July 10, although a final decision won’t be made until the end of the month.


That’s angered businesses on the Gold Coast who say the city will miss out on holiday makers from interstate during the upcoming school break.

But the Premier is standing firm despite repeated attacks from the Opposition in State Parliament.

“I have travelled across regional Queensland over the last two weeks and let me tell you they don’t want their families to get COVID and they don’t want to be sick and perhaps the leader of the opposition, rather than having to focus on her own leadership needs to get out and talk to Queenslanders,” The Premier told State Parliament.

“Because people across Queensland do not want the borders open and risk all of our great health response.”

The Premier says they are “gearing up” for a July reopening as flagged in the State’s roadmap, but insists there will be no early decision made.

“What we are doing very clearly is that we will assess it at the end of the month.

“There is a reason why the borders are shut and that is to protect the health of those families living in those regions.”

Ms Palasczuk dodged an Opposition question on the lack of economic modelling done on the border closure but conceded it was having a significant impact.

“Of course we recognise that business are doing it tough but they would be doing it even tougher if there was an outbreak of community transmission in Queensland.

“In fact, when we first encountered community transmission in Queensland we were very concerned about the Gold Coast and we were very concerned about Cairns.”

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OK, hold an online poll, let all the people decide, not just some country bumpkins who literally have had zero impact from the border closures.

Yes hold a poll grt idea.

Hunny dream on come meet all your people of Queensland not just our country cousins you will find out that you are dead wrong about all Queenslanders want Queensland shut up if you want to lock us up you have a huge fight on your hands listen to what the people who voted you in say and do it don’t fob us off and ignore us

Due to the protests over the last few weekends we may well be looking at an even later date for the borders to reopen depending on how many Covid 19 caused by local transmissions. If that’s a large amount of cases then we may well be back in full lockdown.
What will that do to business all of them not just tourists based ones.

Not that I support the protests, but one case has arisen from the 10’s of thousands gathering.
If anything, this small amount of infections as a result is more reason to open the borders sooner rather than later, community transmissions are all but zero.

Who is she kidding.The only reason the borders are still closed is because a Liberal Prime Minister said to open them.I know that not all Queenslanders want them to stay closed.As the saying goes” Were All In This Together “COSTING QUEENSLAND BILLIONS.

I would rather borders stay closed and QLD loses remaining restrictions

I think she is right that the majority of the state does want the borders to remain closed. Not just the “country bumpkins” – also a lot of people in cities. My business is majorly affected but I would much rather we don’t import any more of the disease from Victoria and NSW. As they are starting to see overseas, the second wave will come if we are not sensible and that will cost all of our businesses more in the long run when we are shut down again.

All the Queenslanders I have contacted have said “We know who not to vote for at
Next Election”

I wonder what world she is living in. It just goes to show her arrogance.

She continues to make Queenslanders sick from her self obsessed ideology .please i ask all our parlament elects to get rid of this EVIL WITCH

I Agree that the border should stay closed. Better to stay closed now then re-open too soon & have to close it again later for a longer period of time.We have yet to see the impact from the protest. Some people care way too much about the making money & not enough about other peoples lives, especially people who a compromised immunisation due to medical/health issues. What has happen to our humanity?