People are really, really confused about this photo of a girl’s manicure

A young woman’s photo of her manicure has gone viral and become the latest image to confuse the internet.

The snapshot, which shows a woman’s freshly painted baby pink nails, was posted to Twitter on Sunday with the caption”just got my nail’s done”.

Within minutes, the image had already had more than 1000 retweets and hundreds of comments from people who appeared to notice something odd going on.


“I was looking at this for so long and trying to figure out what was wrong and then I realized!” one person wrote.

While it may take you a little while to notice, it appears the woman only has three fingers and a thumb.

It turns out the woman posted the photo as a joke between friends, telling Buzzfeed she was double jointed and able to hide her index finger underneath her other fingers.

Other people also began to join in on the illusion.