People rescued from roller coasters on the Gold Coast


Thrill-seekers forced to evacuate using maintenance stairs after roller-coaster jams midway through ride IMAGE: Ally Harris SOURCE: Instagram

NOT one, but two roller coasters stopped midway through rides at the same popular Gold Coast theme park today.

It’s understood a brake light issue brought the Storm Coaster at SeaWorld in Main Beach to an abrupt halt around 12.30pm, with thrill seekers reportedly forced to evacuate using the maintenance stairs.


It’s believed one of the carts, otherwise referred to as ‘boats’, stalled on a flat section just prior to a big drop.

The ride was operating as per normal by 1.30pm.

Meanwhile, the popular Jet Rescue ride with sixteen people on board malfunctioned at the same time.

No one was injured in either incident.

It is not the first time the notorious Storm Coaster has broken down midway through a circuit.

Two ‘boats’ became stuck back in March, one of them halfway up a ramp, with people forced to wait up to 30 minutes to be retrieved.