Perfect GC weather attracts Ekka holiday makers

The Gold Coast is putting on another cracker winter’s day, and everyone wants a part of it.

Jumpers and Ugg boots will be no where to be seen, as the sun shines over the Glitter Strip bringing what will be near-record temperatures.

The mercury is quickly rising to 29 degrees in Coomera and Nerang, while the tourist hub of Surfers Paradise is headed towards 26 degrees.


The August average is 22 degrees, and Weather Bureau Duty Forecaster Diana Eadie has told myGC, we’re likely to see above average temperatures for the rest of the month.

“Thursday it looks to heat up even further,” Ms Eadie explains.

“Surfers Paradise is going to reach a top temperature of 29 degrees, while Nerang will reach 31.”

If it gets any hotter, we could break the record for the hottest August day, which was set during a hot spell in 2009 when the mercury tipped 32 degrees.

“Minimum temperatures are expected to sit at around about 16 degrees over the coming days, before we get a cooler burst over the weekend.

“By Friday we should expect both maximum and minimum temperatures to start to return close to average and by the weekend it should be significantly cooler.”

The burst of unseasonal weather conincides with People’s Day at the Ekka, giving Brisbane locals a good excuse for a day trip.

And it seems they’re heading to the Gold Coast in droves, with traffic banking up on the M1 southbound around Coomera from about 8am.

By 10am the snake of traffic had drivers on the brakes from Beenleigh all the way to Helensvale.

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