Perrin jury to resume deliberations this morning

The jury will continue its deliberations in the trial of former Billabong CEO Matthew Perrin, after retiring yesterday.

The former high-roller is on trial in Brisbane District Court for allegedly faking his now ex-wife and brother’s signatures on bank documents back in 2008.

The qualified solicitor used the family house, which was in Nicole Bricknell’s name, as security for $13.5 million of credit from the Commonwealth Bank.


He argues Ms Bricknell was aware and had given him permission to do so on her behalf, but admits faking his brother Fraser Perrin’s signature because he believed that still meant it would be valid.


Perrin lost his entire $57 million fortune when he declared bankruptcy in 2009, he retired as Billabong CEO in 2003.

He is denying nine charges of forgery and three of fraud.

The jury retired yesterday morning and will resume their deliberations this morning.