Pet owners still have a week to score discounted desexing

There’s still time to take advantage of discounted desexing, with the National Desexing Month still very much in action.

Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) is urging all pet owners to desex their pets during National Desexing Month in July, with vets encouraged to offer special reduced rates.

It’s all due to the phenomenal breeding rate of pets, particularly cats.


More than 1,700 kittens and nearly 500 puppies came into AWLQ’s care across four Animal Rehoming Centres in South East Queensland during 2018.

On average, outside of Gold Coast and Brisbane City, 50% of cats who enter pounds and shelters are still being killed.

Sadly, many more are abandoned to live and breed on the streets, around shopping centres, and industrial complexes.

The theme of this years’ campaign this year is ‘There’s how many in a litter?? Pets can’t add but they can multiply’.

Dr Joy Verrinder from the AWLQ says we have to break the cycle of breeding, particularly of cats that can become pregnant from four months of age.

“As well as preventing unwanted litters of kittens, desexing provides many direct benefits to owners and companion animals.

“Cats and dogs are less likely to spray in and around the house, or be injured while out looking for a mate.

“They are often more relaxed and affectionate and, generally, live longer and happier lives,” says Dr Verrinder.

Pet owners have another week to score discounted rates on desexing.

For more information, and a list of participating clinics, click here.