Pet owners warned as snakes emerge with warmer weather

PET owners are being warned to remain extremely vigilant of snakes as they make their way out from hibernation.

With the arrival of the warmer weather, snakes are emerging and pets are at the most risk of being bitten.

The Australian Veterinary Association President, Dr Robert Johnson, told ABC that even city dogs and cats are at risk in the summer months.


“Dog owners should avoid snake-prone areas, particularly if they are walking their dog at the end of the day. Snakes can also venture into backyards, and over the summer months even city dogs and cats can be at risk,” he said.

In New South Wales just last week, one family lost two of their dogs after they attempted to eat a red-bellied black snake which was found in their backyard.

The boxers, Max and Alex, were rushed to the vet, however it was too late.

Householders are being urged to regularly maintain their backyards to deny snakes cover and pet owners are also urged to keep their dogs close or on a leash when walking in snake-prone wetland areas.

Signs of a snake bite in cats and dogs:

· Sudden weakness followed by collapse
· Bleeding puncture wound
· Swelling in the bitten area
· Pain and discomfort
· Neurological signs such as twitching, drooling and shaking
· Vomiting
· Loss of bladder and bowel control
· Dilated pupils
· Paralysis.