Peta Credlin comments open a can of worms for the PM

Comments from Tony Abbott’s controversial former Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin,  has sparked concerns about a leadership spill in the Coalition ranks.

Ms Credlin has criticised Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s lacklustre polling results.

Mr Turnbull has just surpassed Tony Abbott’s term in office and is now Australia’s 19th longest serving Prime Minister, however, his Government has now trailed Labor for 20 Newspolls in a row.


Ms Credlin said there are problems within the administration which are not being addressed.

“It’s been like this for well over 14 months and the Government keeps saying its someone else’s fault, there’s a reason why they have bad poll results,” she told Radio 2GB.

“They can’t keep saying there’s nothing wrong with the administration in Canberra.

“They need to acknowledge they’re getting the messages wrong and people aren’t happy.”

When Mr Turnbull ousted Mr Abbott as Prime Minister he used a benchmark of 30 poll losses to push for the departure of Mr Abbott.