PETA slammed for ‘bloody stupid ideas’ to NOT kill mice plaguing Aussie farms

The Deputy Prime Minister has lashed out at animal activists PETA, for urging Aussie farmers not to kill the mice plaguing their crops.

Over recent months, the mice populations have boomed out of control, threatening rural areas from southern Queensland through to northern Victoria.

Some farmers have already reported crop losses and damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The total cost is tipped to go into the millions.


A spokesperson from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for farmers not to kill the rodents, saying the mice shouldn’t be denied their right to food.

“These bright, curious animals are just looking for food to survive,” Aleesha Naxakis told NCA NewsWire.

“They shouldn’t be robbed of that right because of the dangerous notion of human supremacy.”

But the Deputy Premier Michael McCormack has been quick to slam the comments.

“The real rats in this whole plague are the people who come out with bloody stupid ideas like this.

“Their thinking around this is reprehensible when you have farmers struggling.

“You have these people who have never left the city and wouldn’t know if their backside was on fire, then all of a sudden they’re telling farmers what to do?

“The only good mouse is a dead mouse,” Mr McCormack said.

The NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro also had some words to say about PETA’s suggestion.

“I would laugh if this wasn’t so serious. The mice attack people while they are sleeping, they tear wiring apart and are wreaking havoc on the first good crop many farmers have had in years.

“I will not entertain PETA’s ridiculous concerns. Mice are pests. They are destroying crops and farming businesses, and the mental angst they are causing families is real.”

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I’ve got a solution to the problem!! Let’s gather as many of these mice as possible and take them to Aleesha Naxakis’s house as I’m sure she will be personally happy to take care of all of them! Maybe she needs to see how cruel it is under a circumstance like this for her, the mice themselves and everything else to have these mice looking and begging for a food,water source wherever they can! I’m sorry Aleesha you have lost your mind?.. call yourself a realist!! I think get real more like it.

What a good idea – as Margret Thature once said!