Petbarn Burleigh pet dates have saved three animals

PETBARN Burleigh, in partnership with RSPCA Queensland, took part in Petbarn’s first ever national pet dating event aimed at saving the lives of pets in need of a new home through pet adoption.

Taking place on Saturday February 15, – just a day after Valentine’s Day – it was the perfect occasion for pets and prospective pet parents to find their perfect match.

Petbarn Burleigh and RSPCA Queensland were able to re-home three pets as a result of the event.


While nationally, 132 Aussie pets were re-homed through pet dating events hosted simultaneously in nearly 100 Petbarn stores across the country.

All adoption fees collected by Petbarn through the event went directly back to RSPCA Queensland.

RSPCA Queensland and Petbarn Burleigh worked together to coordinate the event not just to save pet lives, but also to help locals learn more about the importance of pet adoption and to encourage them to consider pet adoption first, when thinking about adding a pet to the family.

Nathan Neary, Store Manager of Petbarn Burleigh says the dating event was a ‘huge sensation’.

“We had a great turnout, which made it the perfect opportunity to spread word about the significance of pet adoption,” Mr Neary said.

“It was also a chance for locals to meet some of the gorgeous pets looking for a loving home. In forming new families, we also saved lives.”

Importantly, the benefits of pet adoption don’t just extend to the pet; research shows that pets can have positive effects on their owners by lifting their spirits and helping improve their health and fitness.

One study from the US National Institute of Health (NIH), found that dog owners who regularly walked their dogs were more physically active and had a reduced chance of being obese than those who did not own or walk a dog.

Whilst this was a one-off event, 43 Petbarn stores across the country have permanent Adoption Centres where customers can meet with animals in need of a new home all year round.

To date, more than 4,718 loveable pets have been re-homed through these Petbarn Adoption Centres.