Pete Evans: “You don’t need to go to uni to learn anything”

Oh Pete Evans, there isn’t a single controversy you’ll shy away from, is there?

In the last week, in a very interesting and insightful profile, I might add, he’s been quoted as saying: “You don’t need to go to a university to learn anything these days. You can learn anything anywhere.”

I can imagine I’m not the only university-qualified professional who takes a little umbrage to that statement?


I understand the broader point he’s trying to make – that it’s possible to become educated on all manner of topics these days – but I don’t agree with the statement. Like, at all.

I don’t know about you, but if a doctor is about to diagnose a suspicious mole, or a dentist is hovering over my open mouth about to perform root canal surgery, I’d prefer they have a few years of intense, regulated study under their belt, yeah?

The celebrity chef used to be known about town as a bit of an average guy. A TV chef, a good looking dude with a high profile and reputation for being perfectly nice – that was the image he projected.

How times have changed.

He’s spent the last few years riling everyone up with his health and nutrition advice, much of which claims that what you eat is designed to cure you of your ills.

I have say that I wholeheartedly agree with him on that front: What we put into our bodies in the form of what we eat and drink absolutely does impact our overall health.

But every single person is different. We all have unique biochemistry, unique stressors and unique situations.

And when Evans’ claims that changing what you eat can put an end to your arthritis, anxiety, asthma, autism and other ailments, and can even put your cancer into remission – well, that’s where I feel like he’s walking a very dangerous line.

Undoubtedly, minimising or cutting out unhealthy, processed ‘food’ is going to improve your overall health. But to suggest that by cutting out dairy and grains, you could cure yourself of cancer is just irresponsible.

Perhaps if he were university degree qualified in nutrition and medicine, he would know that.