Peter Beattie urges Games spectators to “share themselves around”

Games chairman Peter Beattie is urging Commonwealth Games spectators to “share themselves around” and support local businesses.

His comments come after local restaurants, bars and shops reported their businesses were struggling, with people choosing to stay off the roads and out of town during the Games.

Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan & Emily Jade with Christo this morning, Mr Beattie admitted the initial transport messages were aggressive.


“We all know the M1 is a dog. We had to get people off it otherwise we would have bottlenecks everywhere,” he said.

“People have responded, which is just phenomenal, and I am grateful for that. Buses and trams and trains are full, which is terrific.”

Mr Beattie said while people were scared to get out and about last week,  it is now time for locals and spectators to make the most of all the Coast has to offer.

“We’ve got the people here now – we’ve sold 1,133,000 tickets – so now we need them to share themselves around the Coast because there are great restaurants and stores [to enjoy],” he said.

“Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise are humming, but we need to encourage more people to go to other areas such as Main Beach, Currumbin and Coolangatta.”


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Sorry for the shopkeepers but they will just have to s*** It Up as Mr Beattie has instructed others to.

s*** it up, HA!!!!!!. The govt and council went on a scare mongering campaign and got all locals off the streets. Now the local small businesses are doing it tuff. They should be reaping the benefit of a tourism boom with the games.
And then for Tom Tate to push it back on them for being poor business people is deplorable

Our family have been enjoying the games so much. We have found the transport so easy and the volunteers are wonderful. Went shopping at Robina and loved hearing the different accents as I walked past people. We are locals and are loving having the games here. Thank you.

A Wasted opportunity to show case the Gold coast and Qld in general the opening ceremony was done in the half dark you did not know the meaning of the dancing and since when the aborigines worn head dresses.this is meant to be a happy occasion it was far from it