Peter Beattie weighs in on Rio Games issues

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Chairman is confident the issues plaguing the Rio Athlete’s Village will not happen here.

Repair work’s been carried out to fix gas, plumbing and electrical issues – with the Australian competitors moving in on Wednesday.

GOLDOC Chair Peter Beattie’s told Channel Nine we won’t see the same issues here in 2018.


He said “we started a lot of the work early, so the Village here will be finished about October, November next year and you won’t be having water coming out of lights and so on, so a lot of it’s long term planning so that you avoid these sorts of problems”.

The GOLDOC Chair added it’s not just about running a good event and doing it on time and budget but also making sure we have a great legacy “so we are watching really carefully what’s happening in Rio and we’ll be taking a lot of the lessons out of there”.

Mr Beattie also said two GOLDOC representatives are in Rio, and they’re looking at things like transport “and that’s really important because what you need to do is get people to the venues and also do it safely so they’re looking at things like if there’s a diversion how do you handle it”.

The former Queensland Premier was also asked about Australia’s bid for the 2028 Olympics.  He said “you can’t really do it one city anymore, it’s too expensive”.

He thinks the Olympic Committee will have to have a northern and southern hemisphere Olympics where they actually go to a set venue, he added “it’s too expensive to move it around the world”.