Peter Dutton says PNG asylum seekers are lying over safety concerns

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the “propaganda” around the safety of refugees on Manus Island must stop.

The comments come after The Guardian published a video which shows local Papua New Guineans threatening asylum seekers at their new facility in Lorengau.

The footage comes just two weeks after the last people were forcibly removed from their old detention centre on Manus Island, amid concerns over their safety.


The 328 men who decided to stay in their old detention centre said they did not want to move due to lack of security and infrastructure at the new facility.

However, Mr Dutton said in Canberra this morning the refugees’ claims of being threatened were “complete nonsense”.

“I didn’t put them on Manus Island but I have the job to get them off,” he said.

“Some people are lying, there is no question of that.

“I want people off Manus Island, I want them off as quickly as possible, but the job is made harder by the propaganda being spread by people online, including advocates here and some advocates on the island as well.”