Peter Dutton voted “no”, but says the “yes” vote will win the SSM survey

Senior Minister Peter Dutton says he voted “no” to same-sex marriage but believes the “yes” vote will prevail.

Speaking to 2GB Radio today, Mr Dutton, reiterated how important it was for all Australians to cast their vote.

“I’ve already voted ‘no’ and I’d encourage people to do the same but it’s a democratic process,” he said.


“My sense of where the debate is at, is that the ‘yes’ vote will get up.”

He added despite being personally against changing the law, he’d support same-sex marriage in parliament if the “yes” vote wins.

“I think it (the postal survey) gives a greater legitimacy to a significant social change and I think for same-sex couples if there is to be change, it should be legislative change,” he said.

“That is best to be done with the support of millions of Australians demonstrated through a ballot as opposed to a five-to-midnight crossing of the floor of four people.”