Petition for law reform after pregnant couple killed in Brisbane

A petition demanding reform for Queensland’s Youth Justice Act, is quickly gaining support after a young family was allegedly killed by a drugged driver.

On Tuesday January 26, Kate Leadbetter,31, and Matthew Field, 37, were crossing the road in Alexandra Hills, when they were struck by an out of control car and killed.

Kate is understood to have been six months pregnant at the time.


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The 17-year-old driver tried to flea the scene, but was tracked down a short time later and charged with murder. He appeared briefly in court yesterday where he was remanded in custody.

It’s since been revealed that the driver was on bail for two driving offences at the time of the incident, which has prompted calls from the victims’ families and the community to reform the Youth Justice Act.

Overnight, a petition was launched to the Queensland government, and it’s quickly gaining support.

The petition is hoping to reach 35,000 signatures, and as of 6.00am January 28, it had already received 28,500.

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Stop the kids stealing keys to cars would be good start

Old enough to do the Crime,old enough to do the Time

Spot on and they should also lose their “so called ” right to juvenile anonymity.

Bloody killers,and getting away with it , Government could fix it now if they wanted to.

Agree old enough to do the crime do the time. Also make parents responsible for their delinquent children

i agree starts with parents

To the judge who let him out on bail, LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID.

Aurora A.
Agreed Michael, these Judges & Magistrates need to get real. These criminals are just thumbing their collective noses at the disgustingly weak justice system. The families of these folks killed by that miscreant will have a lifetime sentence, the wicked evil uncaring doofus who killed them just might get a couple of years in jail, or walk with another rap on the knuckles. There is NO JUSTICE!

Laws must get tougher for teen offenders

Until Judges and Magistrates are held accountable for their decisions, nothing will change in this country.

The penalties for juveniles who commit serious crimes that cause death or injury are an insult to the victims and their families.

Wake up government! These offenders need to be removed off our roads. This tragic event should never have happened. Stop wasting lives and change the rules now.

How has it come to this. What a disgrace to the human race, to allow thesec***roaches back into society to take innocent lives. I wonder how you sleep at night. Shame shame shame.

Where are the parents of this 17 yr old boy..Don’t they teach their child\children what’s the right and wrong way to live a decent life. Let’s not forget the case of young policeman Peter, a 16 and 17 yr old couple deliberately drove their stolen car at the young police officer doing his job. Pete still works in Police Dept, few hours daily at a desk job..multiple steel plates in his head and body, When is this Qld State Govt going to get tough

Agree. Charge the parents also

there is too much crime going down because there are no consequences,and the courts,the magistrates,the law are failing. break and entry and car theft need to be dealt with public floggings.i purchase my car or house,it is not the thiefs property.therefore they give up any right or protection the law offers them when they choose to take or enter my property. this particular culprit is irredeemable,he is oblivious to any social requirements.he will never change,he will offend again and again.

Throw out all the games in the detention centres start treating these offenders like criminals not a home away from home centre then if they get the punninshment they deserve they may not do it again

Send them to Naru or something, far from home. Lock them up there

Fantastic idea Angela !! Afterall, didn’t the Liberal Govt award a $460 million Contract to some Obscure Company, in 2020, to provide Security Services on these Overseas Detention Centres, which apparently now only hold a few dozen people ??!! Rather odd that, I’ve always thought ??

Absolutely agree, detention centers are probably better than home for them, like a holiday.

Poor kid!
Only 17 but his record will be wiped clean under QLD law when he turns 18!!!
Time to start over then.

He is only being charged with two murders. Why not 3?

Unfortunately Queenslanders voted this government back in with all the same issues from previous terms of government going unchecked.
The shame should lay with those who voted this softly softly government back in.

Yes, every election, the politicians keep up the rhetoric of ‘Truth in sentencing’ but nothing ever happens. Shame on them.

Being back death penalty for deliberate scumbags like this and the scumbag that killed the the Chinese Dr at Sunnybank some time ago. Death is the only deterrent for these low life’s.

Should never have got rid of the death penalty, some of these slags should never breathe our air.
Oxygen thieves and their parents should suffer the same fate.

For sure send the a***hole to American jail I agree it’s the judges who don’t do anything to lock this b****** up he didn’t care high on drugs

This 17yr old should be charged as an adult as he had so many charges already and now this …

The courts and the parents should also be held accountable

Send our judges to America to be trained they are not afraid to deal out real punishment. We are all sick of ours being slapped on the wrist and given a bag of lollies. I feel sorry for the police who have to deal with this scum and the courts disrespecting by setting them free.

The judges, magistrates or lawyers who got them out on bail have blood on their hands!! They should be held accountable I reckon!! What if these lowlife scumbags killed one of their family members when out on bail? How would they feel? 😡😡

these kids should be jailed or sent out west on a juvenile farm like they used to have out side of Toowoomba

They should do hard labour in jail. Need to be whipped and feel the pain.

at 17 he’s old enough to know what he’s doing is wrong…scum!

Need more harsher sentencing for crime no mater what the age is!

I had a wonderful friend “Keith” run over and killed whilst on a footpath, the b******s never even went to jail. Here we are again two lives gone and there should be zero favour shown ,it’s 20yrs in jail NO PAROL If not maybe jail the politicians instead to achieve change

Better yet, for every offender set free with no conviction recorded, or let out on bail, who reoffends and kills others in the process, jail them for life. NO parole, NO early release. If they are released
and offend again, Jail the Judge or Magistrate who let them out for no less than 5 years. The sentencing laws are there, but the Judges and Magistrates simply WILL NOT USE THEM. FAILURE TO ORDER MAXIMUM PENALTY AND RELEASE OF CRIMINALS INTO SOCIETY SHOULD BACK FIRE ON THOSE JUDGES AND MAGISTRATES. I think we will see better outcomes if this is implemented. Oh…No sentence length appeals allowed either.

This criminal should NEVER been out on bail. The judge who let him out should feel guilty. How does he slppe at nights? Now DO NOT let him out until he ROTS in jail.

I meant how the judge Sleep at nights? He got BLOOD on his hands

Drug the 17 year old c*** naked behind a truck slowly ’til he shed hid flesh & bleeds to death

The justice system absolutely stinks and has done so for about 40 years now. Allow a child of six to get away with stealing a bar of chocolate without consceqences and the next time that child will steal 2 bars, then 4. Eventually, because of no conscequences for their actions that child will become a bank robber, or worse. I am 76 and when I was 10, I stole a packet of corn flakes. I went to court and was given 12 hours detention, 1 hour every Saturday for twelve weeks and both my parents had to be with me for that hour and it took 2hrs each way to get to the detention centre. BUT….I have never broken the law since. Justice matters. Rob

Make the person who enacted this heinous crime, be convicted for the MURDER of these THREE people and pay for it for the rest of his useless life. If the government, judges and lawyers who defend this hateful behaviour and condone ‘softly, softly’ approaches, make them responsible for the ongoing damage to family, friends and community- make them pay for reparations to these people who have to live the rest of their lives with the agonising knowledge of how their loved ones were murdered by such an evil s*** who made a choice to steal and drive in a manner which threatened the lives of anybody in the community. He made the choice to steal, he made the choice to take drugs, he made the choice to be irresponsible and hateful- let him suffer without any forgiveness. MAKE THIS PERSON ACCOUNTABLE for his hateful actions and let HIM SUFFER FOREVER!


Capital punishment for murders

If you want a licence like an adult. You are not a juvenile you are an adult and just pay for an adult crime

What is wrong with the judicial system,we may as well not have any with violent youth doing what ever they like including killing people. How can the judge sleep at night after allowing this killer 17 year old out of detention.

How about changing the law to if you get caught in a stolen vehicle it is automatic jail time. No if’s or b***s, this should also help in reducing our horrendous insurance costs

Judges need to be held accountable also the patrol board we need change instead of protecting the criminal start protecting the innocent and the victims

I agree, I am also extremely sick of 17 year olds being tried in children’s court. This has to change.

should be a lower age to be put on trial as an adult and should be way way tougher penalties handed out by the courts australia is too soft so even young kids know they can do whatever they want and thier is no consequences

Definitely need tough laws lock them up the youths keep doing these crimes as they get a slap on the wrist. The State Government shouldn’t have said to stop locking up youths have to stop these scums lock them up. As far as this 17 year old needs the full force of the law and Courts he killed a young family to be 3 counts of Murder needs to be locked up for at least 25 years with no parole.

Why is this p**** on bail, what sort of example do that show or set for others? Nothing you’ll just get a slap on the wrist after getting away with murder. And we here on the news all the time that they can’t understand why there is such a huge problem with youth crime, so many these days have no respect for anyone or anything. IMO lack of true discipline. He should be held on remand until his 18th birthday, then tried as an Adult, locked up as such. His parents should also be held responsible.

The whole business is just terrible. I agree with most of your sentiments, and the obvious frustration over the situation, but I do not feel that the parents should be helf responsible. Sure, this 17 year old’s behaviour was really terrible, but the parents are not always to blame. However, the laws mos certainly need to be changed – the situation with youth crime has been steadily worsening over the years, thanks to the many ”bleeding hearts” who make such laws. I was recently reading an article in the paper about a Townsville 15 year old who had committed at least 90 crimes since he was only 14. I was flabbergasted when I read that the magistrate considered the actions of the criminal to be ”extremely serious” yet he still only sentenced him to 18 months probation. I am pretty sure that repeat offenders would find it all amusing, that they could convince people that they would not offend again, and therefore they are only given a slap on the wrist. I had a quick look at the existing Queensland Government Youth Juctice System Rules and Regulations, and it looks to me like the victims of the crimes are given less attention and sympathy than the Youth criminals. Everything is done to keep the criminals out of custody, and expecting a repeat offending criminal to actually, seriously, believe in the benefits of Conferencing is just ridiculous. I am sure that many of these Juvenile criminals would take full advantage of such “punishment” and probably have a big laugh about it afterwards. Also, apart from the grief caused to the victims of the crimes and the families and friends of the victim/s, the poor police have to keep dealing with these criminals, who are then released back into society, so they can keep re-offending. One more thing I would like to say is that colour and/or race should not come into it – if a crime has been committed, there should be no more lenience offered to the criminal just because they might come from a certain Ethnic or racial background. If they were given lenience because of something like this, then that would have to be considered as highly racist – race and colour should not even come into the equation.

The Magistrate that allowed him bail is not held accountable either. Police need to be able to resume High Speed Pursuits and Legal reform requires to be held responsible as well until the Juvenile becomes an adult.

This is appalling. Its time we changed the laws and protect our communities from tragedies. Enough is Enough!

Times have changed, minors are now engaging in serious criminal activities at much younger ages, but our judicial system is still light years behind. It’s a global embarrassment and I, like many others am sick to death of the lack of consequences for serious and repeat offenders. The behaviour we walk past in the behaviour we accept. Wake up and fix it.

Yes! trial as an adult…

Reform youth laws. Make them harsher.

If this so called scum is classed as not old enough (a juvinile) to be trailed as an adult, then he is not old enough or responsible enough to drive a car. Some kids of today are becomming more aggressive with no respect for not only the public but no respect for them selves, and all the system does is make excuses for them. The LAW needs to re think their rules, if you do a crime you do your time. He may do time, but he will eventually come out into the world and continue his life, 3 people who’s life he took will not.

I just can’t understand why “CHILDREN” are allowed to get a licence to drive a killing machine, jail the parents too.

good call, spare the rod, spoil the child

If you can get a licence at 17 you
take responsibility for your actions on the road and answer to your actions as an adult .

One who old enough to kill a family with unborn child, who is old enough to stay in the prison until his natural death.

As other people have mentioned this 17 year old was out on bail and he has a list of offences against his name. Whoever made the decision to let this person out on bail should have questions to answer and be made responsible. As for the so called youth try him in an adult court and charge him with not two murders but three as the unborn child never got a chance to have its first breath.
Give this a*****e three life sentences.

These absolute oxygen thieving parasites know how to play the system and will continue to do so until the bleeding hearts have sympathy for them. He made the decision to do drugs. He made the decision to steal the car and now 3 innocent people have paid with there lives. Show no mercy on this human filth.

Totally agree with Heather.
As they are going so soft on the offender, make their parents liable.
It is sickening.
Also, what was the situation with their other dog?

If judges cannot uphold the will of the people and impose proper sentences on these thugs then they should not be there. I hope that everyone who voted for this drop kick do nothing government will feel some guilt as to what has happened to these innocent people. Shame on our justice system.

Come on Government get this sorted out. It’s bloody ridiculous that this has happened. Oh ! and put this “ Man “ away and throw away the key.

Our labour government weakened the youth justice laws in 2019,
But the laws now need to change, adult crime, adult time in adult prison for 15 to 18 years old and for under 15 adult time in youth detention

It’s supposed to be an offence contempt of court I think our court system has contempt for the public that it is supposed to represent. If these clowns can’t get it right they should be sack able