Petition tabled at Parliament to stop live equine exports

A petition with over 20 thousand signatures aimed at stopping live exports of Australian animals has been presented at Parliament.

Senator Derryn Hinch tabled the petition which is calling for the end of live exports of horses, ponies and donkeys.

The petition also calls for the Australian Government to reject any initiatives that would facilitate the development of a live export trade, which would involve these animals.


The petition reads “Horses, ponies, and donkeys are highly sensitive animals that would suffer tremendously if subjected to the stressors of live export for slaughter in foreign countries.”

“If such a trade was to commence it would lead to the suffering of many thousands of Australian horses, ponies, and donkeys as they would be sent overseas to be slaughtered for their skin and meat.

“This would be unethical and highly unacceptable to the Australian community.”

The RSCPA said there were enquiries from Chinese businesses seeking equine products.

Pony, horse and donkey meat is eaten in Asia, while donkey skin is ground up to make a gelatin-based substance called “ejiao”, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and the manufacture of some face creams.