Petition to jail women at centre of Qld COVID scare goes viral

There are now loud calls for the women responsible for a coronavirus scare in Queensland to be jailed for lying to police, with tens of thousands signing an online petition.

Various businesses across Logan and South Brisbane have had to close this week, and hundreds of people have had to get tested for the virus, after three women flew in from Melbourne, with two of them then testing positive for coronavirus.

An online petition, set up two days ago, has quickly gained thousands of signatures in just a matter of hours, with the community demanding justice be served.


“These girls have fraudulently declared that they had not been to Victoria when they had, placing the entire of QLD at risk of a full lockdown while jeopardising the lives, health, and financial welfare of the QLD community.

“We need to ensure a slap on the wrist punishment does not occur and the maximum penalty is applied so people will think twice before lying and refusing to self isolate,” the petition description reads.

Three women who travelled to Victoria were able to return to the sunshine state last week without going into mandatory quarantine, because they lied on their border forms.

Authorities berated the group at a press conference yesterday, the behaviour of the women has been slammed by the state’s top cop, who says she is “very disappointed”.

“They went to extraordinary lengths to be deceitful and deceptive and quite frankly, criminal in their behaviour and it has put the community at risk,” Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

While Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk shared similar sentiments.

“Most people are doing the right thing. It is unbelievable to think that Queenslanders are putting other Queenslanders at risk.

“That’s what really annoys me here and there’s a social responsibility for everyone to do the right thing.

“These are people who deliberately went about doing the wrong thing,” the Premier said.

Yesterday, Queensland police charged the three women for allegedly providing false information on their border declarations.

A 19-year-old Heritage Park woman, a 21-year-old Acacia Ridge woman and a 21-year-old Algester woman have all been charged with one count each of providing false or misleading documents, which carries a maximum $13,345 fine.

The women have also been charged with fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

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At the time of writing, the petition had gained over 90,000 signatures, increasing by a thousand every 15 minutes or so, with the aim reset to 150,000.

Meantime, health authorities say the next day or so will be a crucial time for south east Queensland, to see whether the virus was able to spread over the eight days that the girls were out and about within the community.

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What decency doesn’t feel like just leaving them, the indecencies, to their own created reality?

They protested over a known criminal which resulted in mass riots, now we have a petition to jail two girls who were simply a victim of circumstance. The circumstances created by people and it’s governments forbidding the use of medical treatments, like hydroxychloroquine, so we don’t have to wear masks and stay locked up.

Are these same people who support locking up people of circumstance through petitioning, petitioning for the arrest of the people who are really killing people quite unnecessarily? As usual, so many are taking it all out on the wrong people. If you desire to persecute anyone, at least persecute the people who are creating these quite unnecessary circumstances and mass deaths.

You are a total moron.

James, please go and get some help before you hurt yourself or a loved one. The wiring in your brain has unfortunately fused.

Are you on drugs?or just a dumb moron without a brain?

Clearly, it’s the latter..

Are you on bloody drugs?or just a dumb moron without a brain?those two IDIOTS lied and slipped into the state deceitfully and now look at how much its costing to clear up their mess,so many people not able to go back to work etc

omg….. are you for real? for gods sake..get with the program and we are all responsible for our own actions…simple !!! wrong people? THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT DID IT!! WHAT WRONG PEOPLE??? geezus …. the created the circumstances ..not everyone else….. dont change the focus here

You’re venting for something that is not the point in issue. It’s these two deliberately doing the wrong thing and therefor undoing all the good and the hard work people have put in and suffered as a result. Take your crap elsewhere. These three did wrong, it’s black and white.

I admit I was more angry at the news of ‘two girls’, without even knowing of their background. But all that aside, isn’t it a bit late to blank out their faces, which have been blasted all over the globe?

They look a lot better BLANKED out


they look better blanked out anyway lol

But according to the brother of one of them, they are being castigated becaue they are of a coloured race. Poor girls.

Wondering when the Race Card would begin.. They should be charged with Receiving Stolen Goods which carries a max penalty of 14 years imprisonment… given an option, face justice here or GO HOME..

Yea sure COVID bothers about what race you are doesnt it!The brother is as dumb as the sisters to even open his mouth and state that. If a person cannot see the hardship and suffering that COVID is causing everyone of us then they really are way too stupid to waste time on i say.

Play the Race card…always works.

I am absolutely discussed the girls brother has brought colour into what they have allegedly done.Colour has nothing to do with this pandemic they did not think of the people in Queensland only themselves. They

Stupid is stupid whatever colour you are. What a poor excuse. It has stopped mr from seeing family members who were to fly in but now cant because of border closure. Givr the 2 selfish uglies the maximum jail term.

Is this really journalism? Is any element of this “story” newsworthy or of any benefit the wider community, or is simply playing into the fears and insecurities of the community for some clicks? It seems like Monique is trying to fuel a witch-hunt using an online petition started by frightened, misinformed, angry people as justification. A trial by public opinion is not justice, in fact articles like these corrode and impede the justice system set up in our country. Frankly, Monique and should be ashamed for pretending that they have the interests of the community in mind and for pretending this story is anything more than divisive trash passed off as journalism.

another troll

Are you for real

You should look at yoursef in the mirror my spelling is very good check what I wroteloser

Sure am Carolyn. Are you “discussed” (check your spelling) by my opinion that journalists should promote rationality rather than feed into fear, the same way you are disgusted by people suggesting that colour might have something to do with these two people being named and shamed publicly when no other individuals have received the same treatment by the media and who are now being subjected to very real racial hate? Check yourself Carolyn, it makes you look like a bit of an ignorant racist. Understandably you are scared of the virus spreading in your community, however converting that fear into hate for these two teenagers isn’t going to do anyone any good. If you think these are the only people that have crossed the border after visiting a hotspot you are unfortunately wrong. People make mistakes, it is lucky they got tested knowing they would have to deal with those mistakes and face such heavy consequences. They are a lot braver than you.

Si Mon please roll back into the nearest gutter that you apparently came from and read truths about what the COVID is doing to our life in this beautiful country. For you to even HINT that these two dumb selfish bimbos are brave truly shows how stupid you really are.
They deliberately did things to avoid detection,lying about where they had been,and even after being arrested one of the stupid s***es refused to answer questions to help back trace people she might have been in contact with so putting many more peoples lives in danger.YES they are so brave arent they more stupid and CRIMINAL i would say!

Si Mon says: “People make mistakes”. No Si Mon, they didn’t “make mistakes”, they deliberately plotted a route and caught planes to avoid detection and lied about where they had been.
“They are a lot braver than you”. Can’t believe it, now Si Mon is turning them into heroes…
” it makes you look like a bit of an ignorant racist” Si Mon plays the race card, it always works…
They’re also part of a gang of criminals stealing goods for resale in other cities, but you defend them. Si Mon s***ed in by the botox brigade…


5 years min. Our brother Anzac’s do a certain crime here they do the time then get sent back. I wonder if these women could live the same lifestyle in Africa.

deport them sounds good

Sounds real good to a lot of us who are sick of people placing others at risk!

if we cant deport them 2 years in prison sounds about right

maybe 5 years locked up AND made to pay all the costs of EVERYTHING thats had to be done in Qld because of their actions!

well said. They are selfish in every aspect of the word … only thinking of themselves. They are of adult age and should behave appropriately and be punished appropriately.

Where’s the nearest tree????

I think it’s becoming pretty obvious that these three women are prostitutes, and this is what they went down to Melbourne for, so they chose money over putting the whole of Queensland in jeopardy of spreading covid-19, I can’t think of a punishment or sentence harsh enough for these three individuals, they don’t care about anyone else other than themselves, we don’t need people like this in Australia we should deport all 3 and their families

Deport them.

Where can I access the petition?

“They look a lot better BLANKED out”
“they look better blanked out anyway lol”Givr the 2 selfish uglies the maximum jail term.”Yea sure COVID bothers about what race you are doesnt it!The brother is as dumb as the sisters to even open his mouth and state that. ”



Jail time for these two… is that the best we can do ??, can’t we have a public stoning (socially distanced of course) and then perhaps a shark feeding.
These people and their families are not fit to live in Australia.
People are going to die from this little charade, if the truth’s known most Australians would want to see genuine revenge, the unbelievable loss of jobs and business in so many sectors of the community, all because of self-centered selfish little liers, with not respect for the law or other Australians

Please jail them. So irresponsible and just bad people, selfish and doing damage to the communities.