Petrol prices jump by 40 cents across the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are being urged to hold off on filling up the tank just yet, with some petrol stations across the city hiking up the price of fuel by a whopping 40 cents.

It comes as Queenslanders are given more freedoms to leave their homes with the easing of restrictions.

From tomorrow, up to five members of the same household will be allowed to visit another home, before even more restrictions are lifted across the state from next Saturday as part of the Queensland Government’s stage one coronavirus recovery plan.


A number of fuel pumps across the city have soared to $1.19cpl this morning.

However, there are still plenty of servos selling unleaded for as little as 79 cents a litre.

RACQ says if you see fuel for around that price, grab it!

To check the price of petrol in your area, click here.

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Stating the bleeding obvious again? Give us strength. My GC gathering ‘news’ from Facebook again? Good one… The general public can do without such unreliable and predictable news sources such as My GC. Shame, shame, shame.

And the ??? Remains why did fuel go up when oil prices are rock bottom???

They should be investigated for price fixing!!!

There steeling from us. They just assume we are dumb and do not know the oil prices are still down dramatically. Coles and Woolworth are not to be ignored for doing this too.

The government wants us to follow there rules / suggestions download the COVID app please. How about the government fine the service stations for robbing us ????????????????

Why is diesel so expensive where it is the waste product of petroleum! Ask any owner/operated that owns their rig!

Servos have been keeping their tanks toped up at low low prices for weeks.
Full tanks at wholesale prices way below $1 due to low demand.
Now its time to make a huge profit at our expense.
Back to $1.60+ in June.
Happens all the time.
Who will get the blame this time?

The government won’t do anything about the price of fuel because they get heaps of taxes from this. Shame on them..