Petrol: when is best to fill up?

WE have started paying more to fill up at the bowser in the past week, but experts predict petrol prices will start to fall once again when Iran boosts production.

The Middle Eastern country is expected to almost double the amount of barrels of oil it exports after world powers agreed to lift sanctions.

Commsec Economist Savanth Sebastian said it would be better to avoid topping up the tank for as long as possible.


He said “after sliding by the biggest margin in five months, petrol has rebounded albeit modestly, it was up by 0.3 of a cent for the national average price coming in at just under a $1.39 a litre”.

More importantly he said there are “better days ahead for motorists with cheap fuel around the corner”.

Locally we were paying an average of $1.39 a litre for unleaded.