Pharmacist admits to spiking workmate’s drinks

A Sydney pharmacist, caught on CCTV putting drugs in his colleague’s drinks, has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Yan Chi “Anthony” Cheung faced Waverley Court on Tuesday, after being arrested on May 12 and charged with using poison to injure or cause distress or pain.

His arrest came after his 26-year-old female co-worker at the UNSW campus pharmacy in Kensington, went to Police after noticing her drink had often tasted bitter and she felt ill.


Detectives found CCTV footage showing Cheung, 33, putting the antihistamine phenergan in her drink.

In court, Cheung admitted he had taken doxylamine, endep, seroquel and deptran from the shelves of the pharmacy before grinding them up and pouring the powder into the woman’s water or coffee as he was “infatuated” with her.

Cheung has been released pending sentencing next month.