Phenomenal footage shows just how quickly toilet paper disappears from shelves

New footage has emerged from an Australian supermarket, showing just how crazy the toilet paper crisis has become.

A video that’s being shared around on social media, appears to show a shop’s CCTV footage of the store opening.

Staff members have to guide a stampede of consumers to the toilet paper aisle, before they begin to clear it out.


It only takes a few minutes for the fully stocked shelves to be completely cleared out.

For some reason, consumers seem to always be flocking to the toilet paper aisle, though other supermarket products are selling out as well, including products like pasta and hand sanitizer.

Over the weekend, two women were charged with affray, after a brawl broke out over toilet paper at a Woolworths in Sydney.

Coles has since put a one-packet limit on their products, with a four packet limit still in place at Woolworths.

Who’s to say how long this toilet paper crisis will continue, though this video certainly shows how quickly toilet paper is disappearing each time it’s restocked.

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