Pics revealed of Dreamworld’s adorable new additions

Dreamworld has welcomed their newest additions to the park, two new, adorable tiger cubs!

First time mum, Adira, gave birth to her first litter of cubs last Friday (April 26), at 4.26pm and 5.01pm.

The yet to be named duo weigh in at a healthy 1.31kgs, and 1.32kgs at the time of birth.


Dreamworld veterinarians have been watching the pair closely and say they’re pleased with their progress so far.

They’re expected to help further support the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s global conservative initiatives for tigers in the wild.

The cubs will continue nursing and growing on Tiger Island for the next two weeks before their first public appearance next month.

Dreamworld’s General Manager of Life Sciences, Al Mucci, says the births mark another important step forward in the global tiger conservation movement.

“These two beautiful cubs will be fantastic ambassadors for their endangered counterparts in the wild.

“Around the world, it’s estimated there are fewer than 4,000 tigers remaining in the wild.

“Tigers are listed as critically endangered and Dreamworld’s breeding program is helping to ensure a long-term future for these magnificent animals.

“Our Tiger Island facility is focused on educating guests on the perilous state of wild tigers.

“We’re very proud of the fact the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is one of the world’s largest financial contributors to wild tiger conservation.

“Our tiger programs are a core component of the tiger conservation movement and we plan on these cubs growing up to become parents of their own,” Mr Mucci said.

PHOTO | Supplied by Dreamworld

PHOTO | Supplied by Dreamworld

PHOTO | Supplied by Dreamworld

PHOTO | Supplied by Dreamworld

PHOTO | Supplied by Dreamworld