Pink Batts deaths deemed avoidable

THE Royal Commission into the former Rudd Government’s Pink Batts Scheme has handed down a damning report into the botched program.

Commissioner Ian Hanger, who investigated the deaths of four men involved in the program, including Gold Coaster Mitchell Sweeney, says all of their deaths could have been avoidable.

He argued, if the scheme had not being rolled out so quickly during the Golbal Financial Crisis, all of those four men would still be here today.


The document listed several failings in the designs of the program, including the speed of the rollout and the failure to let installers know of all the risks involved when the scheme began in 2009.

Mr Hanger said the program was pushed out in a bid to deal with the GFC and problems with safety were sacrificed.

While the report detailed the mistakes made by those involved, it didn’t point the finger at certain people.