PINK OR GREY? Latest optical illusion sends internet into a frenzy

I’m really sorry guys, but… it’s BACK.

The optical illusion that sent the internet into a spin two years ago has resurfaced thanks to a number of celebrities and it’s going just as viral this time as it did in 2017.

The photo in question is a simple vans sneaker… Some say the sneaker is aqua blue and grey, while others say it’s pink and white!


“I saw this image online and I showed it to a bunch of people and it’s really, really spectacular, what comes back,” Actor Will Smith said in a video posted to his Instagram followers this week.

“What color do you see? Now show whoever is around you and ask them what color do they see and I think you’ll be surprised at what the answer is.”

“There’s no right answer but it’s definitely not pink,” he says.



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Which colors do you see?? ?

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Singer Lizzo also weighed in on the debate, posting the photo of the shoe to her Instagram page.

“I see grey & teal but my whole team sees pink & white help,” she wrote alongside the image.


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After much confusion, one smart twitter user appears to have the answer: