Pitbull saves owner from deadly brown snake bite

A PITBULL is being hailed a hero for saving its owner from being bitten by a deadly eastern brown snake on her property in Far North Queensland.

Shelby the five-year-old pitbull-cross was bitten by the venomous snake after pushing her 69-year-old owner Teena Williams out of the way of the dangerous reptile.

It’s understood Ms Williams had accidentally startled the snake while she was picking bananas on her Millstream property near Ravenshoe on Anzac Day.


“It must have been in a hole or something, and Mum stood on it,” Ms Williams’ daughter Tanya told News Corp.

“All of a sudden Shelby just virtually barrelled her out of the way, and then I saw the snake in her mouth after she attacked it.”

Tanya said it wasn’t until about 45 minutes later that they realised Shelby had been bitten.

The mother and daughter duo rushed their beloved pet to the nearest vet 50km away at Malanda where she was administered antivenom.

It’s understood Shelby had only mild signs of envenomation and was fit enough to go home the next day.

Tanya works for the Queensland Ambulance Service and said her mother wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Shelby.

“I work for the Queensland Ambulance Service, and I guarantee you, within 35 minutes my mother would have been dead if she had bitten,” she told News Corp.

“Shelby saved her life.”