Plain packs prompting smokers to quit

There has been an increase in locals quitting smoking since plain packaging for cigarettes was introduced almost two years ago.

New research shows there has been a spike in calls to Quitline following the introduction of the world-first law.

The Medical Journal of Australia shows a 78 percent increase in weekly calls to the phone service since tobacco companies were forced to ditch their brightly coloured packaging in 2012.


Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said the findings were encouraging.

“This research adds even more weight to the importance of plain packaging,” Ms Clift said.

“Plain packaging and graphic health warnings make it almost impossible for smokers to ignore the devastating effects of smoking.”

“We are confident that this important legislation will prevent people from taking up smoking and encourage others to quit.”

One in seven deaths in Queensland are due to smoking, according to latest Queensland Health figures, with an average 3422 deaths a year from smoking and 300 deaths from exposure to second-hand smoke.